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Pato Bottos (1976) holds a degree in International Relations and a Master in Creative Documentary IDEC – UPF. He was awarded by his screenplays with the First Prize at the New Latin American Film Festival of Las Palmas (2003); special mention at the National Endowment for the Arts (2003) and First Prize at the Argentores National Shortcuts Screemplay Prize (2001). He shot Mariela G. (2009, 27′), a documentary short that portrays the vicissitudes of a Peruvian sculptor in Barcelona. He was a founding member of Rucs Collective, and he works in the different projects of the group, editing, among others, La tierra quieta (Rubén Margalló, 72’, 2013). Nowadays, he is treasurer and coordinates the Resources Department of the Independent Documentary Association INDOC.

Marta González (1972) holds a degree in Fine Arts. She worked as a film teacher at IES abroad, CEA Global Education, IED and CECC. She directed and produced the shortfilms: Soul Card, Siempre nos quedará París, (First Price 16mm at San Roque Film Festival 2002, Cádiz), El baúl, (Audience Price at Casas Ibáñez Film Festival 2001, Albacete). And the documentary films: Sin escenario, Retrat d’estudi: Baton, (screened on TV3) and En un lugar de la Mancha.  She was also scriptwritter of Colgados de un sueño (Inicia Films production for TVE).  Nowadays, she coordinates the Ulldoc Series of documentary films in Barcelona and ForadCamp Film Festival for the Independent Documentary Association INDOC.


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